Digital bookkeeping

Would you like to hand over your accounting to a tax advisor in an uncomplicated manner? Then we at Guhr Steuerberatung are the right partner. So that you can concentrate on your core business, we are happy to take over your financial accounting and payroll accounting. Our clients benefit from digitized processes that save you time and avoid paper waste.


With the help of our digital accounting, all receipts, account statements and invoices can be transmitted to our tax office in digital form. All of these receipts and documents are stored in our audit-proof archive. In the event of a tax audit, the required documents can be quickly found and made available to the tax auditor.


You don’t have any digital accounting processes yet? No problem. We help you to introduce digital processes into your company and support you with further questions.


Our digital bookkeeping includes the following services:

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Financial accounting

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Payroll accounting

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That's why you should outsource your bookkeeping to us

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Digital processes

We live digitization. We rely on 100% digital processes for maximum efficiency and productivity and can therefore shorten or automate many work steps.

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24/7 Appointments

You can reach us around the clock on 030 555 721 370. You are welcome to make an appointment with one of our experts at any time or leave a callback request.

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Time saving

Professional preparation of tax returns saves you time and allows you to concentrate on your core business. From preparing the tax return to communicating with the tax office, we take on all tasks.

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Communication at eye level

We take the necessary time to advise you holistically and informatively. We always have an open ear for our clients, answer their questions and find ways to solve complex problems.

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Holistic advice

Just looking at numbers is often not enough. We therefore not only look after our clients in all tax issues, but also offer comprehensive assistance with all economic and financial questions.

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Fair pricing

Fair prices are important to us! We bill according to the StBVV and can guarantee you transparent pricing. An individual cost estimate is possible at any time. Simply use our contact form for this.

FAQ - You questions - We answer.

What is done in accounting?

We have completely digitized our accounting services. We exchange receipts with you in digital form. We also offer you the option of accessing certain information online and managing your receipts online yourself. With helpful electronic programs, we simplify your administrative work considerably.

Our services include the complete current bookkeeping including all expenses and income. We record receipts and take care of payroll accounting. We offer the classic double entry bookkeeping as well as the income surplus calculation for freelancers.

What types of accounting are there?

Depending on the legal form and the size of your company, double-entry bookkeeping, the income-surplus account and payroll accounting are relevant for you.

I want to move from my old accountant to you, what kind of documents do you need?

If the change takes place in a current financial year, provide us with the last balance lists and current receipts. We also need the account statements for the last financial years since the last annual financial statements were drawn up.


Think too:


  • In the case of companies to the articles of association.
  • To other important contracts such as rental contracts, leasing contracts, credit and loan agreements.
  • To the annual financial statements prepared so far.
  • To the tax notices issued so far.
  • To other important documents such as the business license.

When am I obliged to keep accounts?

After starting your business, the question to be answered is whether you are obliged to keep accounts. As a freelancer, you are not. Even as a retail salesman within the meaning of the Commercial Code, you can determine your profit within certain sales and profit limits with an income excess calculation. The current limits are here at:


  • -Turnover up to 600,000 euros
  • Profit up to 60,000 euros


If you exceed this, you are obliged to keep accounts.

We advise you on the topic and check whether you have to exceed the relevant limits and balance them.

Can the documents also be saved electronically?

We work digitally and paperless. It is also very easy for you because you can upload your receipts via our app and we will process everything else.

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