Switching to Guhr Tax Consulting in four easy steps

Are you thinking about changing your old tax advisor, but are still unsure about how a smooth change can go? We at Guhr Steuerberatung take care of a smooth transfer to our law firm.


We take care of all the formalities and communication with your old tax advisor. We only need a power of attorney and your master data. Just talk to us and we will discuss how to proceed.

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There can be many reasons for switching to a tax advisor. Frequent reasons are, for example, too high costs or a lack of specialization or poor accessibility. Regardless of whether at the beginning or at the end of the year: In principle, you can switch to our Guhr tax consultancy office at any time. It is usually also possible to terminate the contract with your old tax advisor. Just contact us without obligation and we will discuss how to proceed.

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A power of attorney is sufficient - our law firm takes care of all other formalities

For a smooth change to our law firm, we need a power of attorney and your master data, then we will take care of the rest. Thanks to our digitized and paperless office, it is possible to send us all documents in digital form.

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We take over the data of your old tax advisor

Your old tax advisor is obliged to provide us with your documents. This means that your data can be transferred without any problems. If your tax advisor has made a DATEV-compatible booking, we can also import your data with one click. We take over the contact to your previous tax advisor and the tax authorities. There is no extra work for you. Since tax advisors are also bound to secrecy, you do not have to worry that your previous tax history will be disclosed to the outside world in any way.

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We support you in automating your accounting

After a successful change, our cooperation starts. Our experts will help you to digitize and automate your accounting. We can continue your bookkeeping without interruption and thus a seamless processing of your order is guaranteed. Contact us now for more information.

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